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covid19 Social Distancing Sign

Covid-19 - Social Distancing - Sticker packs.

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If you are preparing your business or store for re-opening following the Covid-19 Pandemic Shutdown then this is a quick and easy way to order stickers or larger sticky decals that you can use to inform your staff and customers as you reboot your business.

Minimize the risk of a new wave of epidemic at your location with these Covid-19 warning stickers from Labels N Stickers' own design collections.

The label can be spotted from far away and clearly display common sense instruction for social distancing.

Each sticker sheet comes with four individual stickers. which each measure 2" in diameter.

These stickers and decals are all printed on water resistant vinyl and sticks easily to wood, plastic and metal surfaces.

Sticker sheets are 12" square.

12" floor decals are 12 inch square

14" wide decals are 14" wide x aprox 8" high

Any of the above can also be printed on plastic as a sign.