10 Fascinating Facts About Stickers | National Sticker Day

How large is the world's largest sticker and what's the deal with those little stickers they put on fruit? Dive deep into the world of stickers with these 11 fascinating facts about stickers, labels and decals. 

1. World's Largest Collection of Stickers Has 102,317 Pieces

Oh boy, we sure are jealous of the Indian sticker collector and artist Nidhi Bansal. Bansal is the sole owner of the largest sticker collection in the world

Her massive collection of 102,317 unique sticker designs was etched in the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2013.


2. Fruit Stickers Are the Same All Around the World

PLU Labels On FruitWell, the PLU codes on the stickers are the same all around the world.

PLU is an acronym for 'product look up' and consists of a four- or five-digit number that lets cashiers know what the product is and how much it costs. The fruit PLU numbers were standardized in the early 1990's.

Yes, fruit stickers are edible. Eating fruit stickers won't hurt you. The sticker is not harmful but will just pass right through your body. 

No, fruit stickers are not compostable. Make sure you peel off the fruit sticker before you put your fruit waste in the green bin! 


3. The First Modern Sticker Was Made in 1935

Self-adhesive labels with a peel off backing, as they were first called, were made in 1935 by R Stanton Avery from Oklahoma. Avery went on to found one of the biggest label companies, the Avery company.


4. The First Bumper Stickers Promoted Tourist Attractions

Back in the 1940s, Forest Gill, a screen printer from Kansas, invented the world's first bumper sticker. Tourist attractions were quick to realize the advertising potential in using cars as moving billboards. Soon bumper stickers became  popular souvenirs for car owners all around America. 


5. The 'I Voted' Sticker Was Invented by Realtors

I Voted Stickers Canada ElectionAt least that is what The Phoenix Association of Realtors claims. The realtors say they came up with the "I Voted Today" sticker in 1985.

But other sources claim that an article in Miami Herald from 1982 told the story about small businesses in Fort Lauderdale that offered discounts to customers who were wearing 'I Voted' decals.


6. Before Glue Gum Was Used as a Sticker Adhesive

European entrepreneurs of the 1880s used a gum paste to get their labels to stick. They used the sticky labels to promote their goods to potential customers that were passing by. It wasn't until the the 1900s that a sticker-specific paste was developed and came into use. 



7. The 'Hello My Name Is' Sticker Was First Introduced in 1959

Sticker Name tag YellowAdhesive Name Tag RedHello My Name Is Stickers PinkBlue Hello My Name Is Name Label

First introduced by C-Line Products, this iconic sticker design is as popular today as it ever was. Name tag stickers like these are commonly used at conferences, workshops, networking events etc. 


8. The Largest Sticker Is Bigger Than Ottawa's Tallest Building

The largest sticker in history measured 63.98 m x 127.26 m (209 ft 10 in x 417 ft 6 in) with a total area of 8,141.84 m2 (87637.69 ft2). 

As a reference, Ottawa's tallest building, Terrasses de la Chaudière, is just 124 m tall.

The ginormous sticker was displayed on the Zheng Jia Square Building in Guang Zhou, China, in 2010. It was made by IFA Digital Printing on behalf of Samsung.


9. Bumper Stickers Can Be a Sign of Road Rage

My Way Or The Highway Bumper StickerPeople with many bumper stickers and decals on their car are 16 percent more likely to succumb to road rage, according to scientists in Colorado

The researches found that drivers with a strong sense of personal space are more likely to be road-ragers. And the more someone decorates their car with bumper decals, the more territorial they are and thus more likely to rage on the road.






10. National Sticker Day Was Initiated by the Sticker Industry

The sticker printing company StickerGiant were the ones to submit National Sticker Day to the registrar at National Day Calendar, which subsequently declared that Sticker Day will be observed annually on January 13.

You can participate by making your own special stickers or by posting about your stickers on social media using #NationalStickerDay.