Environmental Stickers - Designs for the planet!

At Labels N' Stickers we believe very much in environmental sustainability and we have created design templates and sticker sets that cover diverse themes but we always come back to the classics like environmental sustainability.

Whatever your theme, what your interest, we can design stickers to promote your ideas.

Collection of ecology stickers with slogans - zero waste, recycle, eco friendly tools, environment protection. Bundle of decorative design elements. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration. Our sticker sheets are designed for easy peel and are vinyl not paper giving longevity and water resistance.

Environmental Sustainability Stickers

Not an environmentalist but your into vintage and retro?  Maybe 1960's, 1970's?

Or what about Pop art fashion chic for patches, pins, badges, buttons, decals, signs or stickers.

Retro Sticker Designs - 1970's Decals

Ok none of these and or all of the above:  What about girl power stickers?

Feminist and body positive stickers and decals. Female movements cartoon badges with inspirational quotes. Women empowerment, self acceptance and gender equality.

Girl Power Stickers, feminist decals

Bright colourful 80's to 90's cartoon style artwork.

Cartoon style stickers, LOL stickers, OMG stickers

 Talk to us and we can design the artwork that suits your message and your purpose.  We design stickers for schools, universities, businesses and government.