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Large Size Physical Distancing Floor Stickers

large, custom, physical distancing floor stickers
Following local health unit protocols, LASOS made changes to their facility to make it safer for members including physical distancing measures. One of the measures taken was to install 6’ round floor stickers in the exercise room that members use as a guideline for safe physical distancing.

Custom Floor Stickers - Covid-19 signage

Covid-19 Floor Signs
As Ontario businesses moved into Stage 2 of Covid-19 restrictions, store owners were required to mark floors to space customers and help maintain s...

Environmental Stickers - Designs for the planet!

Recycle Stickers
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Covid-19 stickers and Social Distancing Floor Decals

Covid-19 Social Distancing Sign
Whilst Social Distancing and getting used to the new way of doing business we have also been jammed with requests for Covid-19 Floor Decals as well...

10 Fascinating Facts About Stickers | National Sticker Day

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